Colin Watson


Hi welcome to my website. I would like to introduce myself I am Colin Watson 46 years old and I am very pleased to meet you.

I am here to help you achieve your goal of time and Geographic freedom.

I would like to start off telling you who I am and a bit back ground information on me.
I was born and raised in East London, Stratford where the 2012 Olympic was held if you know the area, but the rough old version not the new Millionaire playground it now is lol.

I'm a 3rd Generation Bajan (Barbados) to of lived in the UK, my Grandfather Joseph King who was station here in South Wales during World War 1 and then returned to Barbados after the war was won. The business name is to help keep his name alive.

My Dad came here in the 1958 after the British industry’s went to the Caribbean Islands looking for skill workers. They putting them though tests and then he was offered a job with London transport to come to the UK.

Also, on my mum side I am 3rd Generation Guyanese (Guyana in South America).
my Granddad Felix Billy came here in 1954 and he worked on and London Government building and sent for my Mum in 1960.

My Mum was only 16 years old at the time, coming from the sun to this cold land and she wanted to turn round and go back home lol, but mum has stuck it out.
After my mum completing her higher education she went on to a career in Nursing for the NHS.

I enjoyed School until I hit secondary school, then I realised that I still wasn’t going to learn anything about my own history and I couldn’t wait to leave. I think learnt more in Cub scouts and the local youth centre than my whole time at school.

I did what work came my way, from walking door to door selling dusters and household cleaning goods, flipping burgers at McDonalds, fly pitching selling woman custom jewellery, and helping a good neighbour brother out in his Gas engineering business, which all these gave me enough to get by on.

I got a lucky break helping my dad out after he had retired from Ford’s, and was doing a bit of private car servicing. I meet a friend of his, who was wearing a security uniform and I asked him if he know of any jobs? As they say if you don’t ask you don’t get.

This started my Security career off, from the Thames Barrier, to the Inner London Magistrates courts service, then into Aviation security. Working at the airports was so much fun and I was getting to meet many new people, and the last 3 year working for Citibank now (CitiGroup)

At this point I had met my son mum and made the decision to settle down and moved out of London to Essex where she was from in search of pastures Greener.

Change of direction
I Landed a dream Job in the Motor trade, as I had grown up around car and working on them with my Dad, which gave me any interest in cars but now I was finally selling them. I found I got a buzz from helping people. Shortly after this my then partner fell pregnant and we had our son, and I was so happy that life was turning out well for me.

After working my way up in that company, to the point that I could not go any further, I made the move to main dealership from the l car supermarket.
Just before the recession started and business started to slow down in 2006 and I applied for a Job with major well known (British) Gas company as an trainees Gas engineer which I moved over to them the early part of 2007.

Out of the frying pan into the fire.

It’s was really good at first, the first 30 weeks training was over, I had my Corgi card now (Gas Safe) and I was out on the area I lived in looking after customer again.
Just over 1 year in I was given some work to do I had not been trained on or the tools in order to carry out the installation. So, my manager decided to train me with what I now know to be a fault drill.

A few months had pasted and I was doing the extra work, which came with extra pay so who was I to complain until it all went wrong!!! The large 2 handed drill cutter had got stuck in concrete and instead of shutting off had spun me and I ended up on the ground on my knee with major pain in my neck and shoulder.

The events to follow consisted of this well-known (British) Gas company forcing me to go back to work with the treat of dismissal. Asking for the drill back saying they were going to test it and then throwing it away and saying that it had fallen out of the engineer van who was taking it for test on route and it fell out of the side door of his van on a roundabout and when he went back it was gone! yeah right, pull the other one it’s got bells on it!

I spent the next 9 year trying to keep a job and moving from department to department until I found myself working as a Theft of Gas and Abstraction of Electric role, of which I had no passion for. I was going round trying to catch people out and not going round helping people, which was why I had first joined this business.

In 2016 I went through my worst experience to date when I lost my Dad to cancer. I drop everything and went to Barbados to nurse him. I got 6 weeks with him, until he passed away.

After suffering with the Arthritis in my neck and shoulder from the previous incident, and the hug mixtures of painkillers I was in, I end up in Hospital over Christmas 2017 at death door with Diverticulitis and abscess in my Bowles that had burst and infected my blood, so I am very blessed to be here now to writing this.

After being told by a surgeon that if I continue in the role I was in, then I would have to have the major operation I had just scarcely missed and could end up with a stoma bag on my side, I decided the flight was not worth it, let them terminate my contract of employment as they were so badly trying to do and I got to tell my current manager exactly what I thought of him.

Horary A sigh of relief
I spent the next year recovering whilst looking for a new job over 200 applications, 4 interviews with the local council and worked out that they were just using me to fill their ethnic and disabled quota.

I started to enjoy my free time Travelling, enjoying life while meeting lot's of new people. Spending time at the family home in the Caribbean.

I really needed to start earning myself an income to start get back to my previous quality of life finically. But I did not want to go back to trading time for money, and I didn’t feel my health was up to that either.

I was on the Internet searching for something I could do from home and that is when I first discovered Affiliate Marketing and Ecommerce business, website building course, building your own brand marketing course, and the biggest bonus I could work from anywhere in the world with my laptop, an internet connection with minimum start-up cost.

wow what a concept, promoting good that I already used in my everyday life and getting paid for it?
I can Setting up an Ecommerce business without having to store and post products and a network of Manufactures that you can buy from directly and have them sent to a fulfilment centre who did all the heavy lifting, dealt with any returns and I just get my Cheque each month wow.

This must be too good to be true, but the further I dug into it the better and better it sounded, so now I am part of an amazing team of people who have made 6 figure incomes from doing just this and are teaching me how to do the same. Step by step training and always someone available to ask questions and get advice from.

what any amazing journey this has been and has transformed my life in such a short period of time, come and take a look and learn more for yourself. I am my own boss, work where ever I want to at a time that suits me, you can be doing the same take a look.

IF you are looking for a get rich quick scheme? Then this is NOT for you, but if you are prepared to put in the time and effort ?
Then you will get the lifestyle you ae looking for from this.
Thank you for visiting my website, any question? feel free to message me on my contact page.